American Bulldog - Choosing a Name

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October 14, 2013
    Did you know that choosing a proper name for your American Bulldog is not only very important, but is also a tricky thing to do? You choose the name that your four-legged friend will respond to till the end of his life and it is rather difficult procedure to choose the proper one. A name not only reflects the inner qualities of your dog, but also shows some features of your character. So, it is important to choose the name carefully and that's why we want to give you some tips concerning this issue.
    The key to victory is matching between a name and your dog's nature. Observe your dog for some days, look at his energy level, mark his most loved activities, and then, when his true personality comes true - you will know what is the best and the right name for him. But there are also some pitfalls, like always. Avoid using too short names - the dog can mix it up with the commands you give him. Avoid using names with negative or hidden meanings - check for them before giving a name to your pet. And, finally, remember that you will call him by this name on public. The one that will be appropriate at home may not be good while walking with him, because people can interpret it in other way.
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