Main Features of American Bulldogs

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September 16, 2013
    Did you know that American Bulldogs have happy and confident nature and that they can find common language both with kids, people and, of course, dogs and other animals? American Bulldog is quite dominant breed, but they shouldn't be agressive, hovewer, they won't fear a fight if challenged. They are true guardians who will protect their families no mateer what happens. They need to socialize a lot (especially while they are puppies), and need obedience training from the moment they step through the doors of your house. American Bulldogs are an intelligent breed and it is possible to train them easily, despite that they can behave stubborn sometimes.  You should give your American Bulldog something to do, especially when he is a puppy - otherwise he can become a destructive chewer and digger. American Bulldog should be kept inside the house and welcome your guests, but not forget that he is a guardian. They require to be kept in a house and to be the part of your family - with this breed you should forget about keeping your dog outside for a whole day chained. The dogs of this breed will give you many joy while working, playing and walking with.  Inquisitive character and funny personalities are the main features of their nature, and after you will get acquainted with them closer, you'll understand why this breed is chosen by a numerous people in the world!
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