American Bulldog Hidden Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen

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  • Model: PS13#1012 Dog hidden protection sleeve made of french linen


American Bulldog Hidden Protection Sleeve

Want a professional canine supply to train your American Bulldog at the advanced level? Then do not pass by this Protective French Linen Bite Sleeve. Probably, this is what you really need for successful dog training and achieving high results. With this item on you will feel confident when training your champion. It can be put either on right or left arm. Everything is made for you to feel comfortable and safe.

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French Linen American Bulldog Bite Sleeve

American Bulldog Hidden Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen

American Bulldog Bite Sleeve with Velcro Closure

Velcro Closure on American Bulldog Hidden Bite Sleeve

Key features of this American Bulldog Hidden Bite Sleeve:

  • flexible sleeve
  • Velcro closure to fit your arm anatomic in best way
  • high quality material
  • fits left and right arm
  • snug fit

Usage of this American Bulldog Hidden Bite Sleeve:

  • police training
  • guard dog training
  • attack/protection training
  • special units training


  • without plastic reinforcement
  • with plastic reinforcement


  • French Linen

This Bite Sleeve should be worn under your clothes. Thus, your pet won't see it and it will help to create true-to-life conditions of training. Using this Sleeve you will establish more natural conditions. It means that your American Bulldog will attack your arm, not the sleeve. Furthermore, if you are a beginner in the training process, it is advised to order this Bite Sleeve with plastic reinforcement. Because you need to have some skills for using this professional equipment. 

It is important for any canine supply to be safe. This Bite Sleeve complies with the highest international standards. It is made of French Linen. It means that it is not only safe and hypo-allergic. It is strong and durable as well. If used properly, it will serve you for a long period of time.

This Hidden Sleeve is very reliable and effective during your training sessions. It is designed to be worn under your clothes. Using nylon Velcro straps you can easily adjust this sleeve on your arm.

Moreover, for additional comfort and safety this dog supply can be optionally equipped with inside plastic protection part. It will not harm your dog and will protect you.

So, do not hesitate to purchase this Durable Hidden Bite Sleeve for Your American Bulldog. Most likely you will appreciate its functionality and practicality.  

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