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July, 29 2013

      Did you know that the American bulldog's origin is speculated in three different theories? One is that it is said to be a descendant of the English bulldog and was rumored to have been brought over by settlers to help with the guarding of crops and livestock. This theory also states that the American bulldog is actually the truer type of "English bulldog" than the present English bulldog. Another theory states that the American bulldog is a result of a cross breeding with other dog breeds. The final theory in this triumvirate combines the first and the second theory.

        Present day American bulldogs are mostly hybrids that are descended from a combination of the two top types of American bulldogs, the Standard and the Classic. However, there are people who say the true American bulldog type is the one that is directly descended from the first bulldogs brought over from England by the settlers in the country.
        American bulldogs are actually very intelligent dogs although you may mistake them for being otherwise simply because they are stubborn or contrary. They have a pretty high learning ability and are pretty gentle yet also fearless. They can be easily trained but need a firm hand to get them to do what needs to be done and to become obedient.

Safe and Comfortable Pulling and Tracking Nylon Harness for American Bulldog


Your Bulldog is too “slim”. Would you like to increase muscles on his body? This Professional Training Nylon Harness for building your American Bulldog’s muscles will be much in help. Manufactured in accordance with the standard of this breed, the harness fits American Bulldog never better! 

Designer Leather Dog Collar with Spikes, Studs and Plates for American Bulldog Breed


Advanced Leather Dog Collar With Spikes & Studs is an improved model of the old collar so now it is more comfortable, more qualitative and better fitting for American Bulldog breed. Due to great choice of sizes you can get this model for your Bully whether he is a small puppy or an adult canine with very thick neck. 

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