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An important part of picking out your American Bulldog puppy is meeting both of the parents or at least the mother of the puppies. If you want an American Bulldog puppy with a good temperament, or personality, it's important that you see for yourself that the parents have a good temperament. Are both parents friendly to you when the owner is near? If the parents are aggressive towards you or very timid and scared of you then the puppy has a greater chance of growing up to be the same way. On the other hand if both parents are friendly and sociable when you meet them then it is likely those good temperament traits have been passed onto the puppy. If you get your American Bulldog puppy from a pet store then of course the parents will not be around for you to meet and most likely the pet store has no idea who the parents are or how to find them.

  • Puppy Mills

Many pet shops get their puppies from puppy mills, large puppy producing centers that often have conditions that are very bad to the puppy's health. Puppies coming from such places are often phycologicaly scarred due to the poor conditions. They often grow up to have severe social disorders such as over aggressiveness, anxiety disorders and fears of certain objects and people. Of course you don't know this when you first get the American Bulldog puppy. It only becomes apparent many months later when the American Bulldog becomes older. Do yourself a favor and buy your American Bulldog Puppy from a reputable American Bulldog breeder.

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American Bulldogs  honesty and integrity count.  At this site you will find history, breed registries and standards, photos, links and a lot of information about buying.  There are many American Bulldog breeders now.  Unfortunately only a slim few are committed to integrity, honesty or have character; notice I said "have character, not are characters".  We have one of the worlds largest Performance American Bulldog Kennels.

American Bulldog breeder selection is critical, in terms of not only health and type of dog, but honesty.  People will do or say anything for a buck!   We believe that a dog sell is never final, a friendship should follow after the sale.  Breeders should remain ready to help in any way they can.   You have a right to get just what you paid for, without disrespect, avoidance or lengthily delays.

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